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Clayful Intentions and More

Deana Tankersley

Not Exactly Clay

Fiber Arts and more..

I'm currently exploring different mediums and creative ideas. I don't like to limit myself to one specific medium, when there are such vast artful possibilities. And here lately I'm doing just that thinking outside the box a bit, and here are some of the results thus far..Hope you enjoy, and check back, as my creativeness is a bit of a daily obsession.

Straw and Grass Baskets

Seagrass and Pit Fired clay beads

                 Corn husk and Raffia

This particular basket was a gift for a dear friend and is now in the beautiful Philippines

         Corn husk and Raffia,

                Pit Fired beads

Pine needle and Raffia with Pit Fired beads

Cornhusk and Raffia

Broomesage grass,yarn,

and raffia,

pit fired beads

Yarn and cloth cord

Paper Beads


Recycled or


These fabulously colored beads are really interesting as they are made from strips of paper as in junk mailers,newspaper, magazines etc., that are shaped and then finished in a durable resin protective coating.

Upcycled Art

Candle holder made

from an air filter

Can planters





Popsickle Stick

Bird Feeder

Popsickle Stick

Plant Hanger

My current project I'm working on..

Rag Rugs.

using old strips of materials

stretched and rolled into a yarn like weavable work.


                 Exploring Acrylics ...

            Never really painted before..

                      so exploring..

Fluid Art



and a recent enjoyable

Now dabbling in some different and interesting concepts for

Interior versions that is..

I really enjoyed making these..and they will be great new accents for our home.

Sunburst Mirror

A light fixture made from

woody twine,

and paper mache

I really enjoy my art, and make different pieces daily, check back

from time to time on new work updated.

Thank you, and Best Wishes

Sincerely, Deana